| Norton Setup | Enter Norton Product Key

The is a United States-based antivirus company that provides full-fledged security to any of your devices. The data vulnerable to the virus and hacker attack must remain safe guarantees the Norton. It's quite obvious that there are many companies that provide security but why Norton may be your question. It's because no one guarantees safety as Norton does. Installing the Norton antivirus becomes a difficult task for some computer users but it's quite simple. One needs to read all the instructions and pre-packed procedures to know the right way to install the antivirus on your device. This is how it goes.

How To Get Norton Product Key?
  • Navigate to the Norton official website i.e.
  • A window of free trial pops-up, you can continue with that too.
  • But we recommend direct purchase the product for a better experience.
  • Then click on the 'get-started' button.
  • The window will scroll you down to the Norton plans available at the time.
  • The prices and features will be visible to you.
  • Select any plan and click on subscribe now option.
  • Then enter any valid email address and click on the Next button.
  • Then the create password box appears just below the email address box.
  • Make a strong password and click on the continue button.
  • Now enter your card details as well as address and city of residence.
  • Enter your contact number too.
  • Now make the payment securely.
  • The purchase of the antivirus confirms as Norton setup sends mail to your email address with the product key included inside.
  • This is all bout buying the Norton antivirus.
Note: The steps of account creation in Norton is covered with the purchasing steps

How to Download Norton Antivirus?

  • Open a web browser and search for norton setup.
  • Then click on the sign-in button.
  • Now put the sign-in details and click on the sign-in button.
  • Once you sign-in you will see ' You are not protected'.
  • So click on the protect my device button just present below it.
  • Two option will be visible on the next page i.e. Install on this device and Instal on another device.
  • If you want to install it on the same device then click agree and continue button.
  • But if want to install it on another device then you can send the download link to that device too. Send the download link to the desired device through email.
  • Here the downloading of the Norton antivirus starts.
  • This file is just 3-4 MB in size.

How to Install

  1. Double click on the downloaded file present in the downloads section.
  2. Here the My Norton downloader installer application appears.
  3. Now press yes to allow the Norton security file to make changes to your Pc.
  4. Now the initialization process of the Norton setup antivirus starts.
  5. If you want to join the Norton community to know the latest updates of the Norton the select the checkbox.
  6. You can skip it by unchecking the same box.
  7. Click on the Install button present there.
  8. Now the installation of Norton antivirus starts and the features and the security provided by the Norton community is been presented in the half window.
  9. Read all the security details to know Norton better.
  10. After some time the product key window pops-up.
  11. Enter the product key you received from Norton through mail.
  12. Then click on the Activate now button.
  13. The activation of the device will finish.
  14. Now Norton will run an automatic full scan and remove all the viruses as well as malware from your device.
  15. Enjoy the 360 Norton security.

What is Norton Keycode?

After the successful purchase of the antivirus pack from the Norton, a series of the code consisting of both alphabet and numerical is sent on the registered mail. This is the product key code.